These 7 essential documents are a must during the Covid 19 crisis–do you have them?

This short video will tell you why you need 7 essential financial documents done when? Right Now in order to protect you and your family from both financial and health hardships.

These documents, which are free to you, can he the difference of…

  • Spending thousands unnecessarily…
  • Getting bogged down in both medical and financial red tape…
  • Create an unending burden of stress…

Instead, by having these 7 things done properly…you can make sure any unforeseen problems in the future will be handled much more easily and efficiently.

This video is only 12-minutes long, please make this short investment of time to protect yourselves and your family.

Please reach out and schedule a time for me to assist you with filling out and filing these important documents.

These documents are also needed by your friends, neighbors and relatives, as well. Feel free to forward this email and 12-minute video link {}… to let them know that these documents are available (at no-cost) during this time of need… to anybody and everybody you know and that I am here to help.

Please call Donald O’Connor 860-559-7885 or email [email protected] and include your phone number and Resident State. With this information I can talk you through the documents so they are done correctly to protect you and your family.


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