The ULTIMATE RETIREMENT INCOME PLANNING PROCESS. Our Retirement Income Planning Architect will design, develop and implement a

5 Step Retirement Failsafe Process  © just for you. Each plan is fully customized to meet your needs and family situation.

Your Retirement Failsafe Process © will maximize Social Security Benefits, answering key questions like when should I begin to take SS Benefits, How to Maximize Spousal Benefits; If I wait to begin taking SS benefits how do I pay the bills in the meantime? This process means you get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ADDITIONAL MONEY OVER YOUR LIFETIME—keeps up with inflation

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Your Retirement Failsafe Process © provides you with a Guaranteed Lifetime Income, even if your principal runs out, you continue to receive your income check for as long as you live which means to you that you will continue to receive your income check for as long as you live.

Your Retirement Failsafe Process © gives you access to your principal even while receiving income which means to you never losing control of your money.

Your Retirement Failsafe Process © protects you from all market risk with one bucket of your money and minimizes market risk with another bundle; which means YOU CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT—protects you from devastating market risk!

Your Retirement Failsafe Process protects your money from a Nursing Home stay by a spouse. The healthy spouse not only keeps his/her money and home but gets the income from the ill spouse’s savings and investments

which means you don’t lose everything, you keep most of your assets.


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PLEASE NOTE: Only 30 Connecticut couples/individuals will be accepted for this program from today until the end of June 2015, so we can provide the highest quality service to each individual. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE—THE CLOCK RUNNETH!

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I am not a Connecticut resident but I want to receive detailed information about the 5 Step Retirement Failsafe Processclickhere2