Retiring / Retired

Worried that your money won’t last your lifetime and that you will be totally dependent On social security?  

You are not alone and Yes, not having enough money is a realistic thing to worry about!

It’s something to worry about because of INFLATION (You need $136.00 to buy what $100 bought in 2000);

It’s something to worry about because of MARKET RISK (Do you really think the market is going to go up forever? A crash like 08 will wipe out 40cents on each dollar you have in investments; a $100,000 becomes just $60,000!);

It’s something to worry about because a SPOUSE MIGHT GO INTO A NURSING HOME. Yes you will take care of your spouse at home as long as you can but sometimes it is finally overwhelming and you need professional care givers involved (in CT the cost of a nursing home exceeds 130,000 a year—that will take a bite out of your piggy bank!)

To have the peace of mind that you deserve,