*Are you a parent of a minor child?

*Do you have a mortgage or any debt?

*Do you own a small business? Have one or more employees who it would take time and money to replace?

All of these things cost what? Money

We provide you with each dollar for a fraction of a penny to 4 cents on the dollar in premium.*

What the devil does that statement mean?

Example: If you are a healthy non-smoker female age 29, you can purchase $500,000 of term insurance which costs $254.00 per year and that premium is guarantee for 20 yrs. That works out to your paying 5 pennies per year for each $100.00 (one hundred dollars of coverage) or to put it another way, your paying 50 cents per each $1,000 of coverage per year

Where can you buy a cup of coffee for 50 cents?

Investigate how Life Insurance Really works and how it can protect your family and business.

Protect your child’s future for a fraction of a penny per dollar a year in premium!

Pay your mortgage off for a penny or less per dollar a year!

Small business, if a key person dies, have the money to hire, train, replace, retrain a key person while your business has the dollar cushion to survive and maintain its credit.

We will mail you a very informative FREE brochure.

This brochure will clearly explain how you can protect your family or business and inform you on both Term and Permanent Life Insurance. It’s FREE—why not get some valuable information and look at your options so you can at least make an informed decision and see what great options are available to you?