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Donald O’Connor holds a BS degree from the New York State College at Buffalo, NY; an MA degree from Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA); an additional 100 hours of study toward a Ph.D. degree at Clark University (Worcester, MA). Don founded The Asset Protection Financial Group LLC, his firm is a Registered Investment Advisor

Don has decades of experience in the Financial Services and Asset Protection fields. As Don has said for many years, what good does it do to grow your assets and then have them wiped out by large market losses, and nursing home stays when these can all be protected against by proper planning?
Don has lived in Connecticut since 1981. He is married to Elaine Harbison O’Connor, a school psychologist, and has two grown children (Ryan and Kathleen) both of whom completed college in CT. Ryan lives and works in CT and Kathleen lives and works in Indianapolis.

Don has run hundreds of Financial and Asset Protection workshops throughout New England; He has also been a joint speaker with a number of Attorneys at events throughout CT. Don has offered courses on retirement investment strategies at the University of Hartford and Tunxis Community college.

If your group would like to discuss Don’s speaking at one of their events, please call our office at 860-559-7885.

Core Story
Let me tell you how I became focused on Retirement Income Planning and on an approach that I call Your 5 Step Retirement Fail Safe Process©
When I went to college then to two different graduate schools, Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA and Clark University in Worcester, MA, my career goal was to teach at the college level. As I was nearing completion of my graduate work at Clark, all of the permanent college teaching positions had filled up and the only work available were temporary positions where someone took a sabbatical for a year. I didn’t want to be a vagabond taking 1 yr positions and during that teaching year spend most of my time looking for another 1yr position. A very good friend of mine, a person who had saved my life and who was a Captain in the Marine Corps, went into the Financial field and thought I might enjoy it.
What I enjoyed most about doing financial and insurance work was the ability to educate clients about the benefits of a particular product and showing them how it would solve whatever their particular problem was. So I spent many years doing that and I didn’t find it really satisfying at its core nor did I believe that my clients felt that I had helped them except for whatever small problem or concern that they had.
I wanted to help people in a much broader way, a way where they could look at their financial and retirement life and say, Don really has provided me with peace of mind regarding a really big issue like retirement security.
So I invested almost a year of time (over a thousand hours) and many thousands of dollars in purchasing advanced systems all of which allow me to look a person’s total retirement planning picture. Look at their situation as it exists now, look at how to maximize any benefits they are entitled to whether it be pensions or social security, find ways to squeeze many more dollars out of those programs. Look at investing approaches so the money you’re not spending is growing but growing with safeguards. Why safeguards? Because as you near retirement or when you’re retired you don’t have the luxury of losing a lot of money—you don’t have the time to gain it back again.
Then look at any obstacles that might befall that client whether it is market risk or the cost of catastrophic illnesses which lead to devastatingly costly nursing home stays. There are numerous approaches to protecting your money from these types of things, they involve, selecting the right investment vehicles, knowing the law and knowing how to position it so the healthy spouse can keep most of it, there are legal documents you simply must have—all of these things have to be coordinated.
My approach to look at the broad picture then break it into its small component parts give me great satisfaction but provides immense benefits to my clients—my clients can sleep at night—no one know if they will be faced with high inflation rates, market crashes or nursing home situations but my clients know their finances have been structured so they can weather those storms.
I call this approach Your 5 Step Retirement Fail Safe Process ©